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Notice of Halting Monthly Meetings
There are no monthly meetings meeting at private residences since Covid is around. However starting Jan. 2022, we will be starting On-line Google Meetup for monthly meetings. Get a hold of an officer (see below) and we'll hook you up!

What's New?

November 2022 Newsletter - 10/10/22

OTHER WHAT'S NEW... Nothing for awhile - Covid shut us down


Long Lost Pictures from past trips...

We were hosting our trips in picture format with documentation on a server that out of the blue changed the format (languages) of the web pages of our site and our entire picture web reports were lost. I did finally manage to get most of the pictures back but lost all information on them including date / location / who were involved. I am posting them here in case some cavers involved can give me better information and I can at least update those pictures. Thanks. D 01/24/22

Take me to the Lost Pictures Archives...

Waiting for Information:

  • May 2002 or 2003 - Jester Land Owner Trip
  • Unknown Jester Bat Count - Unknown Year
  • Unknown cave (or caves) on Bat Count (or counts) in unknown year
  • Jester Bat Count - Feb. 20, 2000 - Need particpant names please


Reciently recovered from archives:

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