Documents from the Oklahoma Bat Coordinating Team

COG is a member of OBCT (a statewide Oklahoma Bat Committee) which consists of members from cave clubs, ODWC, US Fish & Wildlife, Universities, Nature Conservancy, and others. Decisions on Oklahoma Bat's are discussed and recommendations are decided to forward to state agencies and others for bat practices in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Bat Field Guide - 2016
News & Information on WNS
Newsletters from Bat Groups

Oklahoma WNS Response Plan - June 2017

Cave Access Advisory - Jan. 2017

WNS Updates - Jan. 2017

Mexican Freetail flying 100 mph?? - Research - Feb. 2017

North American Bat Monitoring - Feb. 2017

Western Bat Working Group Newsletter - Winter 2016

Nightwing News - Newsletter of SE Bat Diversity Network - Winter 2016

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Updated: June 8, 2017