Carlsbad Caverns Restoration Trip

Central Oklahoma Grotto


(if anyone else would like to contribute their report, just e-mail me - D)

All Pictures from trip are available in the Photo Gallery.

Web Reports

  1. Ready to go!!
  2. Into the Caverns
  3. Job 1 - National Geographic Pit
  4. Job 2 - Flowstone Cleaners
  5. Job 3 - Leave not even Footprints!
  6. Relaxing Dinner
  7. Roswell Side Trip

Date: Saturday - June 2nd, 2007

COG Members Present:  Dale Amlee, Anne Ault, Steve Beleu, John & Sue Bozeman, Duane Del Vecchio, Becky & Mark Hunsinger, Mark Miller, Dale & Lil Town, and Jon & Kelley Woltz

Web Report by: D

Reports by: D, Anne, Sue, and Lil.

Carlsbad Photo Movie
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